Kamis, 31 Juli 2008

ZeosDBO 6.6.3-stable Snapshot is Out

Hi, there is a good news :) finally zeos version 6.6.3-stable is out (the snapshot/draft version)!! You can download it here The official release maybe will released on 8-8-2008 (Opening of the Beijing Olympic :D). For now there is some documentation work on it.
Now Zeos can work with Firebird 2.1, just use the 2.0 protocol to connect :)

Kamis, 17 Juli 2008

Zeos is Now Ready for FB 2.1.1

Yippi, yesterday I try to convert my old FB 2.0 database to Fb 2.1.1 version. Then use Delphi with Zeos version 6.6.2-rc to connect it (with the old Firebird-2.0 protocol) and... magic.. it's now connected without problem.

The first FB 2.1 version has a problem when attempt first connect to the database but the version 2.1.1 seem already fix that bug, as in the Zeos forum "Seawolf" analyze that "(CORE-1868) The server could crash in isc_dsql_free_statement(). fixed by A. Peshkof" is the problem that make Zeos crash at first connection to the DB. Here is the link to the discussion about this problem in Zeos forum. So if you want to use the Firebird 2.1 version with Zeos then move to Firebird version 2.1.1

Rabu, 16 Juli 2008

Firebird 2.1.1 is Released

The first update release of the Firebird database version 2.1 is released now. From the documentation about the bugs fix that I read is that many bugs fix that back ported from version 2.5. Here is the link to the download section of Firebird 2.1.1. As I try at this moment of this writing article, the link for installer FB2.1.1Win32 is seem broken.

(It's now fixed as soon as I report this to the Firebird support mailing list, thank you to all of the guys there)