Kamis, 20 Desember 2007

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow in Firebird

Here is some date literal again. Firebird can calculate the value of yesterday, today and tomorrow into a date value. Here is the example that you can try by yourself.

select cast('yesterday' as date), cast('today' as date), cast('tomorrow' as date)
from rdb$database

Rabu, 12 Desember 2007

ZeosDBO 6.6.2 Release Candidate

Now, ZeosDBO 6.6.2 RC version is ready to download here and the help file can be download here. Many bugs have been fixed since the 6.6.1 version. Here is some of the Firebird bugs and general bugs that have been fixed since 6.6.1 version:

- 0000079: [dbc] Typo in SQl statement in TZInterbase6Connection.Open; (mdaems)
- 0000070: [general] Missing license files (mdaems)
- 0000033: [interbase/firebird] Fixes a bug in UpdateString procedure for ZDbcInterbase6Utils (mdaems)
- 0000022: [general] Split (mdaems)
- 0000019: [interbase/firebird] string parameters don't work for blob fields (mdaems)
- 0000016: [core] Integer field treated as Largeint (mdaems)
- 0000055: [component] Wrong index variable used when doing "refresh" in ZUpdateSQL component , patch included (mdaems)
- 0000056: [component] Protection fault when doing an EAbort exception in BeforeConnect of TZConnection (patch incl.) (mdaems)
- 0)">0000059: [component] ZQuery-DSP-CDS empty field data fetched while using incremental fetching (PacketRecords>0) (mdaems)
- 0000061: [component] Wrong data returning in select (mdaems)
- 0000065: [general] FPC 2.2 doesn't compile (mdaems)
- 0000069: [general] Compiler Warnings in Delphi 2006 (mdaems)
- 0000071: [interbase/firebird] Floating point not display correctly (cipto_kh)
- 0000049: [core] Lookup fields with int64 data type not work in Delphi/C++Builder 5 (mdaems)
- 0000048: [general] TZSQLProcessor does not react when Script text is not properly delimited (mdaems)
- 0000007: [interbase/firebird] TZSequence error, value from prior database (cipto_kh)
- 0000013: [interbase/firebird] can not use a string as parameter value for integer/long parameters (mdaems)
- 0000020: [interbase/firebird] second call to stored proc fail with a parameter mismatch error (cipto_kh)
- 0000034: [interbase/firebird] Lookup field make other field in TZQuery lost the value (disappear from display but still exists in database) (mdaems)
- 0000027: [interbase/firebird] problem handling DEFAULT NULL in domain *AND* in table (mdaems)
- 0000028: [interbase/firebird] TZInterbase6DatabaseMetadata.HasNoWildcards - wrong result (cipto_kh)
- 0000037: [component] ZEOS AND LAZARUS 0.9.23 and FPC 2.1.3 WIN32 ERROR (mdaems)
- 0000038: [component] Can't open sqlite databases with Umlauts like äöü in path (fixed) (mdaems)
- 0000040: [component] Error in conversion int64 to variant in InternalPost on Delphi/C++Builder 5 (ZAbstractDataset.pas) (mdaems)
- 0000046: [component] fpc 2.1.4 cannot compile ZAbstractRODataset.pas (mdaems)
- 0000042: [general] Using the same component (TZStoredProcedure) after ExecProc then using Open it will crash (cipto_kh)
- 0000043: [component] ReadOnlyQuery + TDataSetProvider = Blank fields on details (mdaems)
- 0000063: [component] TZSQLProcessor and comments handling (mdaems)

That list are taken from Zeos Mantis Bug Tracker. For your information ZeosDBO also run on Lazarus

Selasa, 11 Desember 2007

ZeosDBO in Lazarus Project

Today I look in Lazarus (Delphi like that running on Linux) website and there is a poll about Lazarus/ZeosLib developer conference, mmm.... it look that ZeosLib getting more popular in open source project. It's interesting to come in there, but I'm in Indonesia :( just can watch....

Get current date time in Firebird

There is many way to get the current date time from the Firebird database, here are the example:

select current_date, current_time, current_timestamp, cast('now' as timestamp)
from rdb$database

The last one that use special keyword (date/time literal) called 'now' that can be cast to timestamp, date, or time. Now the question is, how to get the milisecond in SQL statement? I still don't know, maybe some people arround here can can share to us the answer?